Business Growth and Customer Relationship Management Systems

In the early days of a business, managing information about your contacts and customers isn’t difficult. However, as your business grows, you get more customers and hire more employees, information about contacts gets dispersed across spreadsheets, notepads, sticky notes, and memories.

Business growth is a great thing and with it comes the need to organize your information. That’s where a CRM — a Customer Relationship Management solution — is useful.

However, there are hundreds of CRM solutions and they range from free to thousands of dollars a month.

To help you choose the best CRM, we’ve compiled the most recommended CRMs for small businesses and startups. We’ve collected reviews, highlights, and comparative features of each to help you evaluate the best CRM that suits your business needs.

What are the benefits of a CRM system?

The five major benefits of a CRM system are:

  1. Contact data organization. CRM helps you organize information about all your contacts. This allows your team to keep track of who a customer has spoken to and what they discussed. In sales, this information gets your team on the same page to run your sales process smoothly
  2. Sales reporting. Track quota attainment and metrics such as emails sent, calls made, meetings booked, and deals closed to understand what your team is doing well and what to improve.
  3. Accurate sales forecasting. Don’t rely on complicated Excel formulas or back-of-the-napkin math. A good CRM system generates an accurate sales funnel for you, making it easier to forecast sales and manage your team’s pipeline.
  4. Customer segmentation. Segment your contacts by properties such as location, deal size, or close date, to find the warmest leads to focus on.
  5. Scaling a sales process. A repeatable sales process is key to testing new sales motions and strategies. The data you keep in a CRM system will help you spot effective and ineffective patterns in sales behaviors. This knowledge will help you grow your business effectively.


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