Acumatica enterprise resource planning Software

Acumatica is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that offers a platform designed for midsize customers with a complete, real-time view across the business.

The Acumatica suite of integrated business management applications includes multi-company accounting and financial management, distribution, manufacturing planning and control, time and expense, project accounting, construction, services, retail, e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM).

All capabilities are fully integrated, built using standard Microsoft tools and have self-service reporting, document management and approval workflows. Users can customize their workspace and dashboards.

Acumatica offers a licensing model based on resources required. The platform can be installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud.

Access data anytime from any device anywhere around the world via an internet connection with a consistent real-time visibility. All users can access and input data into a centralized data store which puts consistent updated information at everyone’s fingertips instantly.

the flexibility: Easily scale resources up or down as needed without making a major investment decision. Cloud ERP software will remain current with automatic updates as part of your Cloud ERP service contract making it easier to take advantage of new capabilities.

More Responsive Service and Support: Cloud vendors provide more detailed information to Cloud ERP users at every service level and are more motivated to provide the best customer support.

Faster Time-to-Solution Value: When using public cloud models, businesses don’t have to buy and deploy infrastructure which allows them to be up and running with their Cloud ERP system much more quickly.
Minimized Financial Risks: Reduce upfront capital spending on technology infrastructure and the option of subscription software licensing thus further minimizing financial output and risk.

Economies of Skill: Vendors deploy, manage and run Cloud ERP solutions so businesses don’t have to, therefore allowing them to focus more on employee success, optimal business growth and bottom line profit initiatives.
Easy adoption and the user frendly, the seamless integration between the erp and microsoft office 365 and the workflows.

easy to customize without needed to have deep technical knolwledge to do the customization, the cost effectiveness of the ERP allowing us to increase the profitability, in addition the fact that maintennance of the database is easier, and the inclusion of CRM with the ERP accessing a unique database. Integration with PowerBi, and Financial reporting.

The software price is not based on the number of users. and the posibility to grow with the software. easy consolidation between companies with differents multi-currencies and multi-languages. Worldwide access.


there is just not much i can say about dislike, due to any issues that i have with the system, the system was able to complete all the process without customization.

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